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The author was born and schooled in Michigan, and in the latter part of the Korean War chose to enter the US Navy to do his duty. He decided on the Amphibious Warfare group and selected the ship known as a Landing Ship, Tank (LST) which appears above. Prior to duty on board, the crew trained at several locations. The first and foremost was an intense 4 month course workout in Newport RI., followed by Little Creek VA., and Great Lakes Training Center near Chicago Ill.

This site reflects what the author knows about the locations, activities and experiences the LST 1138 had in the years 1953 to 1955. In the event that someone out there has some pictures and events in other years that you think might be useful in expanding the years and activities of this site, please contact me.

The history of the LST can be found in official records that cover in depth their origin and give specifics of the size and uses for which they adapted. The Wikipedia LST 542-class entry is an excellent starting point for further research.


Check the USS LST Ship Memorial for their list of upcoming events.

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