LST 1138
Years 1952-1955

San Diego CA.     Home Base for the LST 1138
The ship was at sea upon my arrival so the delay allowed me to search San Diego. Captain Mike
Stapleton was on board when I arrived and I soon found that he had achieved an enviable record of
seamanship but was scheduled for transfer.
Lt. McClean, with Merchant Marine experience, soon took command and set us on task preparing
for our duty in Japan and Korea.
San Diego CA. Skyline        1953 >>>
One of our first duties was to
pickup unstable ammunition in
Oakland CA. and transfer it to a
place of disposal. Part of the
routine for this operation was to
provide wood protection
between the steel deck and the

See photos of this operation.  V
Picking up lumber protection for
old ammo en route to the dump
Taking on old Ammo to be
Insuring Ammo rides easy
Captains Inspection
Engine man Greenlee
getting underway
Looking down ramp to tank deck
and open bow doors.
Testing a fire pump- Sheets and
One of the
trinkets we
purchased for a
Close encounter of the best kind
when we arrive for provisions
after an extended time at sea with
USS Mispillion
Harbor duty

Pictures by Capt. RA
Mcclean >>>>

waiting for
Liberty  boat
to shore  >>>>