LST 1138
Years 1952-1955

Japan Bound -- about 30 days
via the Marshall Islands. Specifically the Atolls, Taongi, Bikar and Taka near the equator.  

Orders called for checking the atolls for Japanese stragglers from the WW 2 that were rumored to
still be there. No persons were found but evidence was all around that they had been there.
Approaching Taongi
atoll. Only the rim
can be seen.
Rim >>>
The North Pacific, location of the
atolls noted above. Click to enlarge
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Thanks to Joe Lewin
we have these photos
on the Atoll. I lost
mine in the sea.
LCVP transports the search team
to Taongi atoll.
<<< proud team members. LST 1138
Chiefs Miles and Dougherty
comimg in from the sea.
Signaling the ship- Oh for a cell
Goony bird being stalked by a
Chief ?
This shot taken from
the beach of Taongi
atoll. You can see the
1138 in the distance >>
Joe, seated, who
is the other ?
Who is this athlete ?
<<     >>

LCVP landed on Marshall Island   
Bikar  atoll 1953   
Photo by J Lewin
Bikar atoll, another Marshall
Island 1953     
Photo by J lewin
Skeleton of Japanese landing craft