LST 1138
Years 1952-1955
Korea continued
Orders were received to get underway to Korea to relocate 600 North Korean officers to
South Korea.  In addition we were to take aboard one or two helicopters, a Doctor to handle
medical emergencies and a Marine contingent .
Off loading tank at Pusan Korea.
Captain admired the Helicopters.
Cho go ri- Prisoner pickup
Beached near Koje Do
Mail transfer while underway
Dr. Lee, Capt. McClean, Lt. Falvey
Visitor from a flagship
We had a Marine Helicopter on board to rescue downed pilots that were shot down or
otherwise in trouble. We failed during one the events and it is documented in the
official log that can be reached by clicking on Downed pilot below. When you reach the
Article scroll down the left side to " The Angels Tried "   Also see the Helicopter and
one of the crew on their return to our ship on page nine.
Playing with a full deck.
Our new crane 1955
A full deck plus a  floating bridge
for the vehicles on board.
Helicopter preparing to land
Inspection prior to Prisoner pickup.
Koje Do Farmer near where we
Beached at Koje Do
LCU w/ pens, transfering prisoners
at Inchon Korea  1953
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