LST 1138
Years 1952-1955

A mixture of pictures found or given to us that you may enjoy.
the Gulf of Mexico and under the
the Gulf of Mexico and under the
command of Captain McClean.  
Saved 2 people when their small
boat was capsized
 Photo by Captain
Nathan G. Moore House on Forest
Ave Oak Park Ill (  Tudor style )
( 1895 ) by Frank Lloyd Wright
Photo by cdp  12.20.52
This was the first new type of LST
that followed the Class ship that I
was billeted on. They were bigger
and more powerful. They have
since changed to be unlike what
you have visited here.
Christmas on board ship in 1954
A great  Architect
Need a house in St.
Louis, Mo. area. ?
Early 1955 found us visiting a coast
city of Japan and the Mayor visited
us and brought a group of dancers
as entertainment
 Crew of LST 1138
See page 10 for the new LPD 21
now under construction
Below find 4 US Navy war photographs published by US Camera collected from US Navy,
Marine Corps,and Coast Guard compiled by Captain Edward Steichen USNR from Pearl
Harbor to Tokyo Harbor 1945
LST waitng to off
load gear
Photo by
PhoM1/c Don C Hansen
Amtracks move in as
Battleship fires salvos on
2.1.1945 at Okinawa
Photo by Lt. Gil Dewitt USNR
LCI's unload troops on Red
Beach at Morotai Island Sep.
Photo by US Santa Fe
photographer  US Navy.
Iwo Jima 2.19.1945  See
Mt. Suribachi Marines at
Photo by US Navy
The Hollyhock House,Edgemont St
and vermont St   Los Angeles Ca
FLW 1920
Photo by cdp 1.30.53
Time out for a tour of some old and new Architecture ------------------------------------------------------------------------------*
USS Tolman DD acting as radar
picket took vicious attacks near
Okinawa when they took 12
Kamikazies hits and shot down 13
U S Navy photo
Japanese bomber after
hit by USS Hornet gunner
U S Navy photo