Darrell Edwards in the center
Photo furnished by Gary Edwards
Below find a list of former sailors  on the LST 1138 that has been offered by Mr. Joe Lewin who is now
living in Evansville Indiana. He has developed a new career as the cook for the LST 325 for their various
functions performed for the city and when the ship is exercised  and taken to other ports on the rivers
in this area. This guy is one of the many who now have turned the LST 325 into a source of revenue for
the City. Some day I hope to meet the rest of the crew`and congratulate them. Well anyway on to a list of
some of the men we have been able to track down.
In no special order we have found the following ex crew member names.
Joe Lewin, Harold Muncrief, Thomas Greer, Gerold Thompson. John Sanborn, Paul R
Welch, Lyle Barton, Samuel L Lombardo, Andrew Kresnocky, Dennis L  Cannon,
Connie Stout, Richard Nutgrass,
Ralph W Greenlee, Jules Milton Weisberg, Leroy
Hoover, John A Mount, Russell Wagner, Harry Billingham, William Brennan, George H
Wellen, William D Henley, Don C Crotts, Billie Dempsey, James R Frederick, Frank T
Rawls, Ronald J Harancher,
 Darrell Edwards, Bernard Tittle, Clarence Bartlett, J B
Houghtaling, William T Larkin, Howard E Reed, Hubert L Platt, Gene E Reed, Dr B K
Doherty, C D Pardee,  Capt. R A Mcclean, P R Perine.

If you know others that were part of the ships crew at one time or other please advise.
High lighted names are shown on the site.
Above list of past crew members furnished by Joe Lewin
Preparing gun emplacements at Leyte
P.I.with the help of the Landing Ship
 Photo by PhoM1/c James CW Munde,USCGR  
US Navy Photo
LST  1138
aka USS  Steuben Country
Years 1952 - 1955
Tank deck where the mobile
equipment , prisoners and what
have you is transported  1954
FT Rawls, CD Rankin, BA Rankin, and
Caldwell, the man who was part of the
team to recover downed pilots
Rrawls furnished these photos  May 53
Cdr Goode, Dr Lee, and
Caldwell, return from trying
to save a downed pilot
written about on Page
seven.  See page seven
for " The Angels Tried "      
Photo by Rawls on May 1953

FT Rawls circa
1985  Look to
the left.  We
all  age well
Photo furnished by
BA Rankin circa
2002  you can
see him on the
left also
Photo furnished by
Sin Hai Kyhoon and Engineering officer on the conn. Part of the duty of
the Navy personnel was to train the South Korean Officers in the duties
of the Officer on Deck  In Charge  1953-54