The Years 1952 - 1955

Four months of training began in Newport, RI in the fall on 1952. After graduation, we relocated to Norfolk, VA to acclimate to the Navy while observing actual landings by the amphibious groups from bleachers on a lake. An accident occurred in one of the events which injured several Marines.

After that, it was off to Great Lakes Training Center near Chicago ILL. Over the course of 5 weeks, the Diesel engines and other components used in the LST were studied intensely to prepare us for duty. In my case, that was the LST 1138 which was located in San Diego, CA.

The Engineering building where we studied Diesel engines and components.

The base kitchen burned down in January 1953. It did not affect us - we ate in another location

See Page Eight for a visit to some famous OLD homes designed by the Architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

I found the time to take a few pictures in the nearby Chicago suburbs:

Great Lake Naval Training Base, Chicago offices/ barracks

The "S" stands for shelter as in bomb